Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Favourite?

Recently I had bought a pair of futsal shoes. As I always keeping my free time by playing futsal, a good shoes is something crucial for me to wear on for every game. So after been searching around, I found this comfortable and dependable footwear at Adidas store. At first time I saw it, I directly fell in love to own it. After a few months saving, then I forked out my own money and successfully grabbed it. hehe. That shoes name is adidas Top Sala IX. Here is about my opinion towards this shoes after I wore and experienced it.

Indoor soccer might as well be thought of as a completely different sport from the outdoor variety. The shorter field length puts the game into fast forward, and the harder surface (often a thin layer of artificial turf covering a wooden or concrete floor) makes keeping your balance through all those quick starts and stops more difficult but even more necessary. In indoor soccer, a fall or slide can result in much worse than a grass stained uniform, so Adidas has designed this indoor soccer shoes to meet the unique demands of sped-up soccer on a harder surface.

This soccer shoes feature the support and cushioning needed for the constant sprinting and the dependable traction needed for all those sudden stops and direction changes. They also feature the leather and mesh upper that gives you the ultimate in natural ball feel and control. It's like being barefoot without the pesky.

So to you all guys out there, I want to recommend to you.Why not try to purchase it? It is very worth with every single your money values. You wont regret to have it.

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