Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Album

Hello everyone. Now I want to share with you all about my new album that is sorted and created by my own-self. This album contains all song complications that I used to listen. Its genre are consisted of rock, ballad, and brit pop. The title of my album is 'Awakening Soul.'

This song means when you are screwed over, You can not just go on living through it. ("How long will I slide") You have to move on and try something different ("Take it on the other side")

2)Climbing Up Over The Walls
I think this song is about one's own fear inside us, trying to climb out and make us not enjoy life. For me, once I understand that, I can overcome it.

3)Fade Away
I love this song because its about youth and following your dreams, only to realize they will probably never come true. Even knowing that, you follow because that is what makes life meaningful.

4)In My Place
This song to me can be in variety ways. Being lost or not going any farther feel like your at a stand still, but yet you still know where you are. You do not feel like your getting better or worst, just kind of stuck "in your place."

5)Fix Up
I think this song is simply about just how powerful companionship it is. No matter what kind of falling out we have in a relationship, the moment we see that person fall apart, it is the feeling that we had for them that brings us back and makes us want to be there to do whatever we can.

That's all only for this post. I hope you will feel enjoy after listening to all of them.

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