Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Subjects For This semester

Hello to all readers out there. Talking about subject. It looks quiet tough for me to endure on for this semester period. As I am taking Diploma in Banking and already in part 3, for this semester I have to face with 6 subjects in this July- November period. Let's move on to my subjects' code. There are FIN 262, ECO 261, QMT216, BEL 311, CTU 241, and BAB 101. I think well time management is needed for me for this time around. huhu

My lecturer for FIN 262 is Miss Wan Asma Hanim Wan Mustapa. Finance to me is about account and calculation matter. Basically the understanding of this subject is important. Why? Because you need to predict, analyze and know what the situation it is. This subject is four credits hours. It seems a lot and I have to pay high concern for this subject.

For ECO 261, I really enjoy this economic subject. This subject is taught by Mrs Zarina. As our daily life get involved with many economic issues everyday. So by learning this subject can make me be more understand about the current economic. From here I been exposed at how to calculate national income and learn many things that maybe before this I did not know.

Assoc. Prof Ruhana Zainudin is my lecturer for QMT 216. It is about statistical subject. It plays with a lot of numbers, data and graph need to be analyzed. I also need to memorise the formula carefully. Because if I wrongly apply the formula it may affect the answer. This subject needs continuous exercises and practices to make make you used to the question.

BEL 311, my lecturer is Mr Izuan Ismail. To write up an essay is not easy just it looks. You need to have skills to write on something that interesting for readers to read. So to gain those skills, Mr Izuan gives us an assignment for every week. By doing so, without realizing I can hone up my writing skills based on the guidance given from him. I also learn how to write and use the languages in academic writing by proper ways through this subject.

For CTU 241, my lecturer is Ustaz Kamarul Zaman. It is about managing economic resources in islamic ways. From here we need to know how the economic system in islam is operated. Actually islamic philosophies acts as fundamental for this system. Be honest between yourself and the others during making business is ought to. Because we need to get the blessing from Allah from what we doing.

Lastly for BAB 101. My lecturer is Ustazah Ainie. This subject is third language for me in this semester. Learning Arabian language is something new for me. Either than English I also want to be Arabian speaker. I never been exposed to such a thing before this except Al-quran. I think it may slow beginning for me. But I will strive to be able to master this subject in one day.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Being A Senior

Hello everyone! My assignment for this week is about what I feel when being as a senior. My definition towards being a senior is that you are already experienced and will be respected by your juniors. It may sound quiet simple perception. But I want to admit, that is what I always assume in my mind.

Talking about seniority. I seem do not realise for this semester that I am in part 3. Wow! I am so impressed with myself. Time has passed so fast without giving me the opportunity to think that I have to change to be more matured person. Why I said that? Because sometimes I will behave childish in front of anybody. So it's time for me to change be someone good to my juniors.

Actually I do not mind with my status. Hey! Do not get misunderstood with that statement. What I am trying to convey is- I like to treat anybody regardless of age as my friend. Without any ridiculous rules, this can make the relationship between me and juniors goes smoothly without barriers.

At first time I entered college during registeration's day, I was greeted by many unfamiliar faces. In my mind kept playing that these boys might be from the fresh or new intake students. They greeted me by calling me " abang". But that is not something I want to emphasize on. There got a few of them volunteerly offered themselves to carry my bags and stuffs to my room. What a surprise! I politely rejected their offer. I did not want to misuse my status for my own benefit.

As the age gap between us is slightly narrow. So there's no point for me to make myself look more superior than them. I prefer more to culture of respecting each other. I do not like they call me as "abang". I like they call me by my name. What ever I have written from early- I still like my status as senior.