Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I Love Most About Aidilfitri

  Hello and hello for once again to you. I really love the arrival of Aidilfitri. You know after a month fasting, Muslims all over the world will celebrate it together. This is the way how muslims express their gratefulness after have restricted themselves not to follow their desires doing bad things for entire that month. It same kind like of you have achieved an accomplishment.

 About Aidilfitri? One of the thing I like about Aidilfiri is shopping raya spree.There will have many discounts being offered at many shopping malls . So it is time for me to spend money on new clothes, pants and not forget the baju melayu. I also love to see the atmosphere of people hustling in crowded place and hearing songs of raya being played in radio.

 About Aidilfitri? In real life I am a foodie. I have a tendency to taste the new foods. I guess maybe it's time for me to eat the new invention of kuih raya or cookies in every home that I pay visit. Other than that I also always look forward to eat lemang, ketupat, rendang and and pineapple tart. Because all them are something I will crave for every morning of Hari Raya.
About Aidilfitri? When I back to my village, I love to meet all my relatives. With condition many of them being sandwiched into my kampong wooden house, what can you imagine? Certainly an havoc atmosphere happens. I love to play fire crackers with my relatives. I think that is one thing contribute to that chaos.So this is my post for this blog. Hopefully see you again in next time!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Childhood Memories of Ramadhan

Many of us have their own tales about Ramadhan memories. Same like me, when this holy fasting month arrives it will bring back my past childhood memories in my mind. One of the thing I can still retrieve from my brain box is relating how I had to fast in primary school at back then when I was in standard one until three. At that time it was something common for me to see lots of my schoolmates did not fast. From that statement, I want to make a confession that I was also part of them. Hey come on, what could you expect from a boy with his surrounding been circled by many innocent look faces schoolchildren. But during recess period, they would take out foods or candies to eat that they brought from home. So without any hesitation I straightforward joined them together. But here is different situation. Maybe during at home, I could lie to my parents that I fasting. So from all of my lies in everyday, at the end I earned full payment of 'duit raya' as promised by my parents. From what I gained I could the feel the loss too. I could not enjoy the feeling of breaking fast. Because when you are not fasting, you will not feel satisfied. That was what I felt at that time. As I grow up, I promise to myself that I will try my best to finish this obligation as a muslim.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Favourite?

Recently I had bought a pair of futsal shoes. As I always keeping my free time by playing futsal, a good shoes is something crucial for me to wear on for every game. So after been searching around, I found this comfortable and dependable footwear at Adidas store. At first time I saw it, I directly fell in love to own it. After a few months saving, then I forked out my own money and successfully grabbed it. hehe. That shoes name is adidas Top Sala IX. Here is about my opinion towards this shoes after I wore and experienced it.

Indoor soccer might as well be thought of as a completely different sport from the outdoor variety. The shorter field length puts the game into fast forward, and the harder surface (often a thin layer of artificial turf covering a wooden or concrete floor) makes keeping your balance through all those quick starts and stops more difficult but even more necessary. In indoor soccer, a fall or slide can result in much worse than a grass stained uniform, so Adidas has designed this indoor soccer shoes to meet the unique demands of sped-up soccer on a harder surface.

This soccer shoes feature the support and cushioning needed for the constant sprinting and the dependable traction needed for all those sudden stops and direction changes. They also feature the leather and mesh upper that gives you the ultimate in natural ball feel and control. It's like being barefoot without the pesky.

So to you all guys out there, I want to recommend to you.Why not try to purchase it? It is very worth with every single your money values. You wont regret to have it.

My Album

Hello everyone. Now I want to share with you all about my new album that is sorted and created by my own-self. This album contains all song complications that I used to listen. Its genre are consisted of rock, ballad, and brit pop. The title of my album is 'Awakening Soul.'

This song means when you are screwed over, You can not just go on living through it. ("How long will I slide") You have to move on and try something different ("Take it on the other side")

2)Climbing Up Over The Walls
I think this song is about one's own fear inside us, trying to climb out and make us not enjoy life. For me, once I understand that, I can overcome it.

3)Fade Away
I love this song because its about youth and following your dreams, only to realize they will probably never come true. Even knowing that, you follow because that is what makes life meaningful.

4)In My Place
This song to me can be in variety ways. Being lost or not going any farther feel like your at a stand still, but yet you still know where you are. You do not feel like your getting better or worst, just kind of stuck "in your place."

5)Fix Up
I think this song is simply about just how powerful companionship it is. No matter what kind of falling out we have in a relationship, the moment we see that person fall apart, it is the feeling that we had for them that brings us back and makes us want to be there to do whatever we can.

That's all only for this post. I hope you will feel enjoy after listening to all of them.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

10 Facts About Me ;- )

Hye there! After last's post, I feel like I want to tell something that most everybody does not know about me. It is very rare for me to reveal up relating myself to outsiders. But I will tell you honestly and just get ready be shocked. haha. Here there are:-

I like Spongebob
I really enjoy watch this cartoon program. Spongebob acts as the main character. His best friend is Patrick. Both of these buddies are really funny when they get along together. I like the way when they make poke fun with each other. Because it will be always ended with amusing or even sometimes in chaos condition. I think their behaviors are same like me in the way I bring myself in daily life.

I will have difficulty to breath especially during chill atmosphere. As I was young, I used to be attacked with this illness. At that time my condition was so chronic and my parents had buy to a machine for asthma to regulate it. I depended on that machine until I was in standard 3. By now, I just use my inhaler only. I always bring this thing with me. Even during the time when I go to sports.

Left- Handed
I play football and kicking with my right leg. But when it comes to use stationery, I will use my left hand side. It such unbalance right? It makes me wonder. But I am still grateful towards my creature for who I am. Reverse back about my hand. Most people say that this kind of person is quite good in calculation. But I do not think I inherit that kind of ability.

Phobia to high place
If you have intention to tease me, frankly I begging. Please do not bring me to that kind of place! I cannot stand on my own feet if that happens. Because I will feel dizzy when I look down from high place. I do not know what the reason behind this. But it is not mere only something can bring fearsome to me, but it even also happen to you. Right?

Love natures
To me I prefer the kampong or village environment. Because from there I can look at many good sceneries compared than urban. I have a dream to own a house on an island. I will reside at that island to enjoy my life. I want live up my life to fullest with these sort of activities like hiking, scuba swimming, jungle trekking and else. As long it is nearer with natures. I will love it.

Love drawing
I like to draw during my leisure time. If I am at home, I will surely do this activity. I prefer to sketch face portrait and cartoon. Maybe I am not such a gifted drawer, but I do love much this activity. Right now I am learning how to mix up the colour of pastels into together from internet and books. It may take time to mastership it. But I do not mind.

Hard to be woken up from sleep
This is what I just heard from my mum and friends when they try to wake me. They said that I sleep like I really unconscious what is happening around me. For my roommates, they will know how hard to wake me from sleep. Even sometimes if I put alarm on the hand phone, I am still unable to wake up on the time especially in the morning.

Hot Temper Sometimes
But for this time around, I have managed to control myself from being that person. I learned this self-calmness from one book that is good in educating people how to overcome this bad manner. So do not try to provoke me. Because my mood can immediately swing and I do not know what will happen if I am angry.

I am a simple minded person
If other people going to say a bad thing about me. Care of what I about that? I just do what I want to do. I just wear only simple cloths. I am not choosy when it comes to choose foods. I will eat everything. I make friends with everyone. This is because I lead my life in simple way.

My Impression
If you want to be my friend, please do not try to impress with me your own phony stories. I do not like someone who really like to make self- confessed that he/she is better than anyone else. Always keep yourself humbling. Because when we take a look at some people face expressions and hear what their says, we sometimes can trace what they think in mind based on our instincts. Is it such a good thing if I assume you as a liar or publicity seeker?