Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Childhood Memories of Ramadhan

Many of us have their own tales about Ramadhan memories. Same like me, when this holy fasting month arrives it will bring back my past childhood memories in my mind. One of the thing I can still retrieve from my brain box is relating how I had to fast in primary school at back then when I was in standard one until three. At that time it was something common for me to see lots of my schoolmates did not fast. From that statement, I want to make a confession that I was also part of them. Hey come on, what could you expect from a boy with his surrounding been circled by many innocent look faces schoolchildren. But during recess period, they would take out foods or candies to eat that they brought from home. So without any hesitation I straightforward joined them together. But here is different situation. Maybe during at home, I could lie to my parents that I fasting. So from all of my lies in everyday, at the end I earned full payment of 'duit raya' as promised by my parents. From what I gained I could the feel the loss too. I could not enjoy the feeling of breaking fast. Because when you are not fasting, you will not feel satisfied. That was what I felt at that time. As I grow up, I promise to myself that I will try my best to finish this obligation as a muslim.

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