Saturday, September 5, 2009

My classmates

For this semester I am in D3D1 class, so lets take a look all my classmates. They are consisted of 6 boys and 10 girls. By the way, here are my observations that I have got during with them:-

1) Jabbar
What I know about this guy that he comes from Tangkak. He may look quiet in class. But one thing I salute about him that he is hardworking and will finish homework on the time.

2) Me, kochak.

3) Haris
He comes from Ampang. He dares to speak up for something he feels incorrect. He also likes to give his opinions. He is kind of person who actives in playing sports.

4) Sabirin
I call him IN for his nickname. I think he has caught a lot of attention from girls. It maybe from from the way he representing his appearance. He is brilliant even though he looks quiet in class.

5) Adib
In my opinion he is the he is the only boy who has goatee. What I remember about this guy he is whiskered likes Mawi. His SR name if I am not mistaken is Amak.

6) Akmal
He is friendly type guy. He is well known for his academic's excellency. Even though he is smart. He keeps himself humbling. I respect this guy.

1) Izzati
She is a nice person. I have known her from part 1. She always with Seri, Sakinah and Liyana. They are such a group and Izzati is one of them. I think it maybe from the factor of same college or sector.

2) Seri
I used to call her as Lina. She is quite active and talkative in class. I can see she has tendency to "melatah" when get shocked. I have been known her since I was in part 1.

3) Nur Sakinah
To me, she is a reserve person. I do not know much about her. Even though she looks like that, but when I open up mouth and talk to her she treats me with well.

4) Liyana
I call her as Yana. She also has same character like Seri. She likes to ask questions in class when she does not understand the lesson. Sometimes she can be too noisy.

5) Hidayu
She is always been seen with Nor Izati. They always get along inside and outside class together.
This girl likes to smile. She usually I see will come early in class accompanied by Nor Izati with her.

6) Nor Izati
She always smiling when I look at her. That is one thing everyone needs to practice. As she is new and just transferred here, I think she can make friends easily by doing that.

7) Fatimah
I always see her with Atiqah. This is maybe because they come from the same college. She is kind of person who willing to help you in studies. It such a good thing about her.

8) Farahwahida
She is our assistant class representative for BEL311. She looks like a talkative person. The way she dresses up to me is quite elegant. It matches with the way she brings herself. Simple but looks nice.

9) Siti Amirah
She is new student here. Before this she studied at UiTM of Sungai Petani, Kedah. She is fashionable in her style. One I thing know about her that she likes to go back home almost every weekend.

10) Nur Atiqah
I heard she is just transferred to here from UiTM of Samarahan, Sarawak. She has such a soft voice. Occasionally I can hardly hear what she says. I think she can be a friendly person if you are close to her.

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